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Level 2 User
Level 2 User
hey how many points do u require to lvl up and how do u get reputation? Very Happy Very Happy

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nutty6554 wrote:hey how many points do u require to lvl up and how do u get reputation? Very Happy Very Happy

Thats a good Question!!!

Points are from the posts:
reply or comments in a thread you get +1
for creating a new thread you get +3 (but please create sensible threads and not just for points)

Reputation is something which you will get if u really have skill:

if you are posting a thread and it is so interesting and informative then the members can vote for it! you get +1 rep. Similarly if your thread is so dumb and boring and if the member give you negative vote then -1 rep.
if someone raises a question as a thread and you reply the solution. then the member who asked the question can give a thanks(button available in post) it will give you +3 rep.

Special: If your activity in the community is so much contributing and very intellectual i.e., i am impressed then i will donate points(you will get points in lump just like that eg. some 50 points).

Level 1 User : 3 posts

Level 2 User : 10 posts

Level 3 User : 30 posts

Level 4 User : 50 posts

Level 5 User : 75 posts + 1rep

Level 10 User : 250 posts + 7 rep

Moderator : 300 posts + 10 rep
note: Moderator is the highest rank that a normal member can achieve. Moderators will have power to edit threads posted by other members. moderation of all the categories except the first one(it can only be moderated by the admin) and also ban users. approve for user groups. and reviwing the reported abuse replies and comments. They will be one among the council staff.

There are also special ranks such as
Moderator GI

and also be aware of the banning system.
Read the Rules and Regulations of the community. if there are any rules broken. then they will be banned from the forum for a particular time period. And same persons creating fake users (even from different IDs) will be traced......and those fake accounts will be banned forever.

These are the basic system followed by Cyber Console. Any modification can be suggested in the user opinions section. if they are quite reasonable then for sure we would modify the parameters.
Have a good time in Cyber Console

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