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Call of Duty Black Ops - Game hangs in "Revelations" Mission Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-Early-Glitch-Video
Already Call Of Duty has become very popular among all the gamers.But many of you might be facing some problem in second last mission “Revelations”

In this mission you really have nothing to do besides just watching some cutscene but you cant skip them so if your game is getting stuck here is the solution..

>Change your graphic Settings

>Change Anti aliasing to 2x and turn Shadows on.

>Also keep on pressing Escape button just before the scene where game hangs.

This will cause game to go ahead smoothly and your game wont stuck where Hudson punches Mason.

Hope this solution works for you If you have any doubt please feel free to comment.

Call of Duty Black Ops - Game hangs in "Revelations" Mission Cyberpunk-small

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