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1Signing Symbian Software Empty Signing Symbian Software on Sun Sep 04, 2011 4:32 pm


Hi everyone,

"Previously we had opda to sign softwares (.sis to .sisx) then they changed the site to shoujizu and now they are asking donation of 20 USD or 20 EURO to sign the softwares. So here i present you how to sign symbian software even without having the certificate and key."

I think all of you know that Symbian Signed has changed its system: nobody without a Publisher ID can create developer certificates anymore, instead users are forced to use the new Open Signed Online System.

So I decided to create another easy to understand tutorial which is working perfectly. Furthermore, I changed the design of the screenshots a little bit, I hope you like it!

The new system has some advantages and also disadvantages. Signing is actually a piece of cake with the new system, you don’t even need an account anymore.
However, you can only sign applications which are using unprotected UID range. That means that some great freeware can currently not be signed.

There is a great signing freeware “GenialSis 2.0″ which has a great new function to even facilitate signing with Open Signed.
The signing process should be no problem for all of you with these few easy steps to follow.

Signing with Open Signed Online:

1. Download the necessary software “GenialSis 2.0″ [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

2. Extract the whole archive into a folder on your hard disk.

Signing Symbian Software 2342304859_305c9a7a13_o

3. Open the folder where you extracted the files with the Windows Explorer and launch the file “GenialSis.exe”.

Signing Symbian Software 2343133978_58e9f1d95a_o

4. In the application, select the register card “OpenSigned”.

Signing Symbian Software 2343134000_e78c689909_o

5. Select “Open” to choose the unsigned application you want to sign.

Signing Symbian Software 2342304973_946816eca4_o

6. Open the folder where the unsigned application is stored and select it.

Don’t choose more than one application at the same time! Although this seems to be possible as “GenialSis” doesn’t display an error message, Symbian Signed doesn’t support the upload of various applications at the same time. If you try to do this, only your last added file will be signed.

Signing Symbian Software 2343134128_7e6b1833d3_o

7. Back in the main application, type in your email address in the “eMail” field.

Signing Symbian Software 2342305009_b9f4412a8e_o

8. Type in the “IMEI” of your phone. You can find it out by entering “*#06#” on your phone keyboard.

Signing Symbian Software 2343134186_9cfa4f0a93_o

9. Having all the necessary information entered, you can choose “Sign!”.

Signing Symbian Software 2342305103_b1c3750148_o

Now the application executes all the steps automatically the user would actually have to do on the Symbian Signed website. It types in your “IMEI number”, “Email” and enters the path of the unsigned “Application”.

Signing Symbian Software 2343134262_56b28b2681_o

10. However, the “Security code” must still be entered manually by the user. Type in the shown sequence of letters and numbers and “Confirm” your entry.

Signing Symbian Software 2342363659_b7d06eccb7_o

If the message shown in the screenshot appears, you are trying to sign an application using protected UID range. As I said, you cannot sign such applications with Open Signed Online. At the moment there is unfortunately no other solution than using a developer certificate if you still have one, or waiting for the developer to release a new version of his application.

I have included a list of signable / unsignable applications at the bottom of this tutorial.

Signing Symbian Software 2343134286_3c8570f3b1_o

If the message shown ahead appears, you entered an “Invalid security code”. So do step 9 once again until…

Signing Symbian Software 2342305177_89f60de4e9_o

… this message appears. Your file has been successfully uploaded.

Signing Symbian Software 2342305227_0751f5b5b4_o

11. Then open your email application or the Internet address of your email provider to receive the confirmation mail of Symbian Signed which has been sent to your entered email address.

After a little time, you should find a mail from SS which contains a “Confirmation link”. Choose this link to confirm your request of receiving a signed file. Your request is now being worked on.

Signing Symbian Software 2343134416_1f7c84ce06_o

12. After another period of time, you should receive another email from SS which contains a download link of your signed application.

Many people are signing their files, so it can take some time until you receive this mail.

Select the “Download link” to download your signed application.

Signing Symbian Software 2342305299_ff9c5aebba_o

13. Choose “Save” or whatever this word means in your language.

Signing Symbian Software 2343134498_018622481a_o

14. Choose the location where you want to save the signed application and select “Save”.

That’s it. Even easier then the old system, isn’t it? I hope you all understand how to sign with the new system, it should be very easy with the great “GenialSis” software.

You can now install the signed application on your phone as usual.

As promised, here is a list of applications which can / can’t be signed with Open Signed Online.

Applications which CAN be signed with Open Signed Online:

Audio Cube
Themes Laucher
Ufind GPS
Handy Wifi
rotateMe v2.2 Beta 2

Applications which CANNOT be signed with Open Signed Online:

All other rotateMe versions (also the public one)
Cell track
EQ Alttab
EQ Restart
Cracked Files

CREDITS: SymbianWebBlog (SWB)

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